‘We Really Need The Whites,’ Says AKA

‘We Really Need The Whites,’ Says AKA

It’s not that way back that Youngsta spoke about how he has been ridiculed for being related to white other folks as a result of he’s coloured. It sort of feels the Supa Mega isn’t in any respect nervous about what other folks would say.

The rapper posted movies of himself at his Cruz Watermelon reliable release which went down closing evening. There have been moments had been the rapper had a few white guys confirmed like to AKA kissing the rapper on his head.

The rapper went directly to put up a video had been he used to be with Dayle Steyn emphasizing on how “we actually want the whites”. One would ponder whether AKA will get ridiculed the similar means that Youngsta does. The video displays that if there are those that really feel that means, he obviously does no longer care.



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