The Internet blames club promoter Mr. Rugs for Cliff Dixon’s death

Social media users are blaming Atlanta club promoter Mr. Rugs for the lack of security at his nightclub on the night former pro basketball player Cliff Dixon was shot to death.

Cliff was on his way into the SL Lounge in Chamblee, GA, early Thursday night to celebrate his 32nd birthday when he was shot multiple times. He was pronounced dead at Grady Memorial Hospital.

Now friends and associates have taken to social media to ask club owner Rugs where he was when Cliff lay dying in the parking lot.

Reality TV star Masika Kalysha posted an image on Instagram stories that read:

“This sh-t ain’t adding up. A man gets shot multiple times in the head walking into his own party in a busy ass parking lot. Where tf were his damn friends?!”

Masika, who has a child with rapper Fetty Wap, continued:

“I know this man wasn’t walking into the club alone. Several witnesses including a fake ass cop we’re [sic] right there and even “gave chase” but the shooter got away. Meanwhile the mans [sic] dying on the ground & the party still jumping. Smfh [sic] you ain’t deserve this RIH @cldtoon”.

Others took to Rugs’ Instagram page to address him directly about the lack of security outside his club that night. Rugs clapped back at several women on his Instagram page, where the comments were mostly supportive of him.

Rugs and Cliff were very close friends. They often partied and traveled together, and they owned a business together in Miami.

Cliff was a 6-10 college basketball player who went undrafted in the 2011 NBA draft. He played ball overseas to earn a living. He was best known as NBA star Kevin Durant’s best friend and reality TV star Erica Mena’s ex-boyfriend.

Rugs is also mourning the loss of his close friend Prime Time, pictured below left with Cliff. Prime passed away in February of an undisclosed illness.

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