‘SNL’: Gwyneth Paltrow Makes Cameo As A Flustered Goop Employee On Weekend Update

On the Mar. 9 episode of SNLHeidi Gardner returned as Goop representative Baskin Johns for Weekend Update and was assisted by none other than Gwyneth Paltrow herself, who played fellow Heidi’s supervisor Pfeiffer. After Heidi struggled to describe what Ashwagandha is (she claimed that Gwyneth found it in Wakanda), she admitted that she’s on thin ice with Goop and would suffer Goop’s “Second Strike Missouri” policy, where she’ll get punished by having to live in Missouri and work at Bath & Body Works if she messes up again. After Gwyneth’s Pfeiffer was called on by Heidi, she revealed that Paltrow doesn’t believe in firing, but she does believe in “conscious un-employing.” After Paltrow and Gardner struggled describing more Goop products, repeating the catch phrase “number one,” Gwyneth and Heidi finally revealed what Goop stands for: “Gwyneth Opens Our Paychecks.”

Meanwhile, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi (Alex Moffat and Kate McKinnon) stopped by Weekend Update on Feb. 16 to insist that they didn’t totally beat Donald Trump in negotiations about the budget. While the two could barely keep a straight face, the real highlight of the sketch was when Alex and Kate recreated Pelosi’s iconic State of the Union clap.

On the Jan. 26 episode of SNLChris Redd showed off his impressive Soulja Boy impression, as the rapper announced that he’d be running for president. After being told Donald Trump was president, Soulja responded, “Trump? Trump?! The dude that got bodied by the popular vote? The dude who got beef with Nan-silly Pillow-skis?”

SNL returns on Mar. 30 with host Sandra Oh and musical guest Tame Impala.

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