Reason And Dreamteam Argue With Gemini Over A Beat

Reason And Dreamteam Argue With Gemini Major Over A Beat

Reason recently posted a video of him begging for a song that Gemini produced on to his insta story. Gemini was refusing with the beat but had finally set a condition to giving Reason the song.

The rapper went on to post a video were he was having an argument with Gemini Major because he had realised that he had given him a song that he had also given to Dreamteam without telling them. Trey from Dreamteam is shown telling Gemini that they had already done the hook and verse for the song and had  only stopped because of “Ice”.

Gemini went on to say that to make up for the misunderstanding, he was going to give Dreamteam another beat for a song called Wu-Tang. Reason did not agree with this solution too because he also  wanted that beat. Overall Reason and Trey did seem to be too bothered by the situation, but Saso showed how he felt insulting Gemini.


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