Offset Still Defending Wife Cardi B After She’s Canceled for Saying She Drugged, Robbed Black Men

Have you heard from Cardi B lately? According to word on the street, the Bronx rapper has been ordered by her record label to tone down her social media rants because she’s hurting their money.

As you know, the former stripper angered social media users when she bragged – and not in a nice way – that she routinely drugged Black men and robbed them during her stripper days.

Her lame excuse was that she did what she needed to do to make a living.

As the scandal continues to proliferate on social media, Cardi’s husband, mumble rapper Offset of the rap trio Migos, took to social media to defend her, saying she inspires females to rap.

Cardi’s outrageous behavior – not to mention the fact that she apparently despises Black men – is the reason why you don’t see her running her trap on social media as much as she used to.

How can she hate Black men when she’s married to one?

Did slave owners love the slaves they impregnated?

It’s all about power over the one thing you despise the most. You saw how quickly she dumped Offset when she thought he cheated on her. She let him know that day, didn’t she?

Full disclosure: Your auntie dated several exotic dancers who didn’t commit petty theft because they were excellent at what they did.

Stop supporting culture vultures who hate you. Do better!


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