Grand Jury Transcript: Nipsey Hussle Was Shot After ‘Snitch’ Comment

A woman who acted as a getaway driver for the gunman who fatally shot Nipsey Hussle says the rapper was killed because of a “snitch” comment he made.

According to the L.A. Times, before he was killed, Hussle spent the afternoon of March 31 signing autographs and taking pictures with fans at the strip mall where he owned several businesses including a clothing store and fast food restaurant.

Eric Holder
LOS ANGELES, CA – APRIL 04: Eric Ronald Holder Jr., 29, who is accused of killing of rapper Nipsey Hussle, appears for arraignment with his Attorney Christopher Darden (R) on April 4, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.

Eric Holder and the woman he was dating pulled into the parking lot to get food from Hussle’s burger restaurant, when he spotted the rapper.

Holder approached Hussle, who was with a larger group of men, and the two chatted for about 4 minutes. According to a grand jury transcript obtained by The Times, at some point the topic turned to snitching.

“Apparently, the conversation had something to do with [Hussle] telling Mr. Holder that word on the street was that Mr. Holder was snitching,” Deputy Dist. Atty. John McKinney told the grand jury. “The conversation wasn’t particularly intense. It wasn’t particularly belligerent.”

Holder was overheard to say, “So you’ve never snitched?” or “Haven’t you snitched?”

According to the 515-page court document, Holder and the woman departed, and, while in the car, Holder pulled out a gun and told the woman to drive around the block. He directed her to pull into an alley and told her he’d be right back.

Surveillance video footage from a nearby business shows Holder walk up to Hussle and fire multiple rounds at him from two different guns.

Holder jumped back into the car and ordered the woman to drive away. When she asked what happened, he told her to drive or he would slap her.

Holder was arrested in Bellflower, California two days later. The woman was interviewed by LAPD and released without charges. She was not identified but her photo was circulated on social media in the days before Holder’s arrest.

Holder’s public defender asked a judge to seal the document until after his trial, arguing that making it public would prejudice a jury against his client and jeopardize his right to a fair and impartial trial.

Holder is being held on $6.5 million bail. If convicted, he faces life in state prison.

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