Felicity Huffman & William H. Macy Look Forlorn & Tired As They Return To Court In College Entrance Scam

Better get used to this sight, because we’re probably going to see it again a few more times before all is said and done. Felicity Huffman, 56, was back in court on Friday (March 15) morning, according to TMZ, mere days after the Desperate Housewives star arrested over her role in the nationwide college admissions cheating scam. With eyes downturn and a dour look on her face, Felicity arrived at the Downtown L.A. federal courthouse alongside her husband, William H. Macy, 69. (CLICK HERE TO SEE PICS) While it was unclear why she was at the courthouse, TMZ reports it’s likely in connection with the $250k bond they posted so that Felicity can remain free.

Felicity was arrested — reportedly by seven FBI agents with guns drawn — at her Hollywood Hills home in the early hours on March 12. She was released later in the day after making bail. While she didn’t have to enter a plea, she did have to hand over her passport. Her next court appearance, barring any other impromptu visits to the L.A. courthouse, will be on March 29, as she’s expected to appear in Boston for a preliminary hearing over allegations she participated in a scam aimed at boosting her eldest daughter’s SAT score.

The Emmy-winner allegedly paid $15,000, disguised as a charitable donation, to the Key Worldwide Foundation, so that a third party would correct her daughter’s answers on the SAT after she took it. The child reportedly scored 1420, which was 400 points higher than the score she’d gotten on a PSAT taken a year earlier. For her alleged role in this nationwide scandal — which saw 50 individuals, 33 of which were parents, charged in the largest college admissions cheating scheme ever prosecuted by the U.S. Department of Justice — Felicity was charged with one count of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and one charge of honest services fraud.

The other high-profile celebrity caught up in this scheme is Fuller House’s Lori Loughlin. She and husband, fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, are accused of paying $500,000 in bribes so that their two daughters would be designated as recruits for the University of Southern California rowing team, even though they do not participate in the sport. The scandal has rocked the family. Lori’s daughter, “influencer” Olivia Jade Giannulli, 19, lost her partnerships with Sephora and TRESemmé. Lori was fired from the Hallmark Channel and she’s reportedly not returning for the final season of Fuller House.

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