The Ultimate Guide To Make Money From YouTube From The Pro.

Make Money From YouTube

2018 as come and go now according to a recent research which shows that next year lots of people will focus more on video Ad. so in this article i will show you how to Make Money From YouTube. the reason why we are using Youtube as am example is because lot of people use Youtube. I use to have a female friend who spent almost 1GB of data just to stream Youtube, so let say you are among those people who make money money from Youtube do you no how much you could have been earning from my friend data?.


  • Find Your YouTube Niche
  • How To Open A YouTube Channel
  • Add Contents To Your YouTube Channel
  • Get Audience To Your Channel
  • Monetize Your Channel Videos
  • Setup Google AdSense To Withdraw Earnings

If you are looking for a way to make online money on a long run, you should opt for YouTube. I have seen a lot of people who goes for some online programs to perform tasks to get rewarded but it’s hundred percent sure that the programs won’t last.

On YouTube, you have many opportunity to make money from your videos. All you need are strong subscriber base who are interested in your videos.

YouTube money making is somehow related to that of blogging but they have differences as YouTube is based on videos while blogging is firmly based on publishing articles to make money. And also, those who blogs are called Bloggers, while those who publish videos are called Vloggers. It all depends on your ability.

Moreover, in this tutorial, I will acquaint you on how to easily setup and open a YouTube Channel to start making solid money from it.

1. Find Your YouTube Niche

You cannot just decides to open a YouTube Channel without knowing its purpose except you are not ready to make money from it. You have to know the purpose of your YouTube Channel and build a niche around it.

For example, you can decide to start uploading WWE videos and members will know you for that. But if you decide to add multiple niches, like WWE, Entertainment, Technology, Sports, Racing and more, you may lose subscribers because you are not focused.

2. How To Open A YouTube Channel

YouTube accounts have only one channel attached to it. Firstly, create a gmail account and then, go to YouTube Channel Creator Page and open a channel.

After you have successfully opened a YouTube channel: add your channel description, channel logo and cover image, name (please make it short to fit your YouTube purpose) and add keywords to it. Those keywords should be related to your video contents.

3. Add Contents To Your YouTube Channel

After creating your YouTube Channel, what you should do next is to add videos to it. This will bring subscribers to the page. Since you have found what you do best on our first tutorial, you should be able to upload what will attract those audience to your channel.

Try to upload video contents that are highly super and quality. Find a good camera or find a better editing software or technique to light the scenes of your videos. Subscribers likes quality and unique videos. Do not copy other people’s content or scrape. Video your own and upload in order not go against YouTube Terms and conditions.

And also, upload videos consistently, do not upload today and forget about it. Upload regularly to bring more members. You should always try to make the videos descriptive and short. No body would like to waste time on long videos.

Your video title should be eye-catching, same goes to the description and keyword. This will help you automatically bring more members and views without much advertisement.

4. Get Audience To Your Channel

After adding contents, you need people that will view your videos, or do you want to view your videos by yourself, of course, No!. So, you need strong subscriber base.

Building audience on your YouTube Channel is the best way to make money from it. There is no other way around it. You have to share your videos to your friends, on forums and social media or other places you know people that will like your contents are located.

Connect with your community by responding to their comments and make videos based on their requests to solve issue or to entertain them. It all based on your channel niche. Understand them and give them what they need.

5. Monetize Your Channel Videos

A work without payment is as useless as the “P” on Psychology. Man gots to eat and take care of basic needs.

To monetize your video, go to your channel and go to Video Manager, click on Channel and enable “Monetization“.

6. Meet The Monetization Requirements

To filter the serious people, YouTube unveiled a new policy that requires all video creators to get at least 4000 hours watch time and 1,000 subscribers before he or she can start monetizing their videos.

Once you meet the requirement, go to your video manager and enable the video you want to monetize.

7. Setup Google AdSense To Withdraw Earnings

Open Google AdSense account for free and you should make sure you are 18 years old or above, or you should contact an adult to help you out. Then, verify your mailing address to start withdrawing your YouTube Channel earnings via Bank, Cheque or PayPal transfer.


To make money online needs patience, perseverance and consistency. After building your presence online with your videos, do you know how much you will be earning?

Big companies can come for sponsored advert on your YouTube Channel which will give you a mouth-blowing money because they know you have huge subscribers.

Be the biggest and hotcake on your channel niche and make high quality videos. Do not copy, be unique and find a good camera or software for clean editing. Trust me, you will start counting millions as time goes on.

Do you need other assistance or help, kindly drop them below or review this article below.


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