How to Make Social Media Secure for Kids and Teens?

The dangers of social media for users are not hidden. Many people have talked about it but the social media companies control such content and they don’t it to be published. The reason is they will start losing users and customers. It will have a huge impact on the investors. Recently Facebook saw a huge decline in its share within two days when the users found out that the company was sharing user data with political research groups.

However, parents need to be careful in this regard. There are some serious dangers of the social sites for the kids and teens. Only parents can protect their children from these things. Governments are making laws to control the internet companies and social media sites. But it will take some time so during this time, parents can take some measures to protect their children online.

Below are some useful tips in this regard that everyone should follow.

Educate Yourself about Social Media

The first and the most important thing parent’s needs to do are to educate themselves about the social sites. Parents should be tech-savvy, know about the internet, smartphones, social media platforms and how things work. They should read and watch videos in order to learn about the dangers of social sites as well as the best practices to curb those risks. This will surely help out all parents to protect their kids better.

Set Age Limit for Kids to Use Social Sites

We see kids of 5-6 having their smartphones, tablets and gadgets. This trend is worrisome and parents need to understand they are ruining the lives of their own kids. Rather, families should set an age limit for when the kids will be given phones, and be allowed to use the internet. They should also be advised to ensure safe use of the phones and internet. Educating teens in this regard is equally important.

Keep Checks on Privacy Settings

Nowadays, most of the phones and tablets come with privacy and security settings for everything. But the teens don’t know much about such things. They allow all apps on their phones to access their locations, photos, contact and other important things. Parents should regularly check the privacy settings on the phones of their kids and make sure they are set to the safe mode.

Restrict Adult and Porn Websites

Another important thing parents can do in this regard is to use the security settings, browser setting and restrict access to the adult content. Kids should not add strangers and unknown people as their friends on the social media sites. This compromises their safety as well as exposes them to adult and porn content. Parents should block all such content on the phones if kids try to open any links from the social media sites.

Make Rules for Information Sharing

There should also be rules when it comes to sharing information. This is the most important thing that should never be ignored otherwise it will compromise the safety of your children. Location and image sharing should be restricted. Teens should not be allowed to share their locations, family pictures, details about their whereabouts and what they do. This exposes them to the bullies and predators who are always looking for such users.

Use Parental Control Options

There are many parental control options on every device these days. These settings are meant to allow parents have better control over the phones of their children, ensure safe browsing and protect the kids when they are online. The parental control features are useful and improve the safety of kids to a great extent. Parents can only use these options when they are tech-savvy and know much about the phones.

Use a Teen Monitoring App

Lastly, if everything fails, parents should look for a phone spy app. The app should be installed on the device of the teens in order to monitor their online activities, social media use, locations and other things. Parents will be able to better understand their kids and make new rules after getting to know about their online activities. The use of teen tracking software is common and many parents are using this option to protect their kids from the dangers of social sites.

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