Eminem Daughter Hailie Scott Mathers, 23, Shows Off Perfectly Toned Legs In New Strapless Bikini Pic

Eminem Daughter Hailie Scott Mathers decided to try her hand at becoming an Instagram model after graduating from Michigan State in 2018, she went all in. The stunning brunette now has over 1.4 million followers and she’s rewarded them with two days in a row of sexy bikini photos while on vacation in Hawaii. As if flaunting her killer six-pack abs in a yellow number on March 24 wasn’t enough, the following day she donned an off the shoulder navy blue two piece. Eminem Daughter Hailie Scott Mathers 23, is seen posing sensually on the lower branch of a tropical tree with her long toned legs taking center stage. SEE THE PIC.

[instagram url=https://www.instagram.com/p/BvcqyIDhmV0/ hidecaption=true width=320]

Hailee joked “a rooster almost made me fall out of this tree” in the caption. Her adorable bandeau style top is off the shoulder with two wide straps on her upper arms and a flirty string tie in the middle of her chest. The bottoms are high-waisted, but show enough midriff that her killer abs can still be seen. Eminem Daughter Hailie Scott Mathers’s legs are the star of the pic as she is seated on the tree branch with her limbs bent forwards in front of her. Add on a cute floppy sun hat and she’s got the perfect summer look, even though it’s only spring.

Fans went wild for the photo. One guy commented “You know how many fellas are gonna mention they would catch you @hailiescott1 don’t you..?” if she had fallen out of the tree. “You are gorgeous!!” another fan wrote while a female user complimented Hailie on her “amazing legs.”

Other guys joked about how they were afraid to like the photo because they didn’t want her famous rapper dad coming for them. “Who is scared to like?” one male user asked while another wrote “If your father only knew I looked at this photo, I’d keep a shovel and a bag of lime on me until he found me as a helping hand” in case Eminem, 46, came to kill him. Well, if Eminem Daughter Hailie Scott Mathers didn’t come down on those liking Hailie’s even sexier yellow bikini pic, folks are probably okay with giving some love to this one.

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