Wendy Williams: How She’ll Maintain Working Relationship With Manager Kevin Hunter After Divorce

Wendy Williams, 54, and Kevin Hunter, 46, will continue to be co-workers on The Show after Wendy filed for divorce on April 10. And the talk show host has a plan to keep business separate from the “breakdown” of their 21 year marriage, as she cited in her divorce documents. “The divorce process so far has been challenging for Wendy,” a source connected to her show EXCLUSIVELY tells. “Working with Kevin after serving him [divorce papers on] Thursday was not easy for her. She is moving forward and taking things one step at a time until they untangle this mess.”
Kevin’s fundamental role in the show makes this “mess” even more complicated. “Kevin is an executive producer [on the  Show] and Wendy’s manager, not to mention co-owner of her show, so he has not been fired yet,” our source explains. “After he was served early Thursday morning, like at 6:30 or 7:00 a.m., he continued to work and finished the day. He was not fired and they did not change the locks on him.”
So, until further notice, Kevin is here to stay for Wendy’s “Hot Topics” and more. “Yes, he will keep working, they can’t just kick him off the show or fire him,” our source points out. “It is not that easy since he also co-owns the production company with Wendy that produces their show, and he has been Wendy’s manager for years.”
While Wendy will continue to share the same office space, she doesn’t plan to do the same after clocking out of work. “Wendy is looking at this divorce as the next chapter in her life and found a new place to live that she loves,” a second source, who’s close to the host, had EXCLUSIVELY tells. “She really just wants a fresh start right now and is focusing on herself and her happiness.” And it will be a dramatic fresh start, seeing that Wendy had been married to Kevin for nearly 22 years. They share an 18-year-old son, Kevin Hunter, Jr.

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