WATCH: Old Slay Queens Must Retire – Small Girls With Big Botors Warns

Small Gyals With Big Botors Warns

As the saying goes ‘ when it’s coming, it’s doing’ is catching up with slay queens as small girls have asked them to retire.

A group of young girlz who are ready to take over the slaying business have asked senior slay queens to retire as soon as possible.

According to these girlz, they have everything needed to resume the position of being slay queens better than the older ones.

They stated that the older slay queenz has already enjoyed themselves slaying but now their time has expired so they bow out.

“We are warning the older slay queenz to bow out. Yes, they have done their best and we appreciate them but they should retire now because we are the new crow of slay queenz. We might look small but we have well developed body features. See our breastz and buttz and you will know.”

The small girls added that they wouldn’t want to struggle with the older ones thus warning them to quit and marry.

“By now these old slay queenz must be married and be living in their husbands’ house but not on social media flaunting their expired goodies when men want to see fresh stuff.”

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