Watch man’s shocking transformation into Miss SA Tamaryn Green using makeup

Watch man’s shocking transformation into Miss SA Tamaryn Green using makeup

Miss South Africa Tamaryn Green has made it to the list of many A-list celebrities Paolo Ballesteros has impersonated with his impressive makeup skills. Paolo Ballesteros is a Filipino TV host, an actor and impersonator, popular on Instagram for his unbelievable celebrity inspired make-up transformations.

A self-taught makeup artist, he has gained international fame for his ability to transform himself into different pop stars, beauty queens, musicians and actors. His two million followers are kept entertained by his chameleon looks and his make-up tutorials on YouTube are watched by millions of users.

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With the magical stroke of his make-up brushes, skillful contouring, a long black straight wig and contact lenses, Paolo transformed himself into South African beauty queen and Miss Universe first runner–up Tamaryn. He shared his make-up transformation on Instagram.

Some of his followers commented saying he should have used the high ponytail look she wore at Miss Universe. Needless to say the ‘king of makeup’ did not disappoint. Do you think the look is authentic? He also morphed himself into Miss Universe winner Catriona Gray, with his brand of make-up magic.

This is not the first time Paolo has worked his makeup magic. He received more than 1 million views on YouTube when he displayed his step by step Beyonce transformation. Watching his videos, one can see that it takes serious effort, time and a lot of foundation for him to achieve these looks.

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