#TheBachelor: Colton Opens Up About A Sexually Abused Ex & Viewers Think it’s Aly Raisman

After hearing Caelynn’s horrific sexual assault story on ‘The Bachelor,’ Colton Underwood revealed he had an ex who was also sexually abused — and fans are certain he’s talking about Aly Raisman!

Things got emotional between Colton Underwood and Caelynn during their one-on-one date during the Jan. 28 episode of The Bachelor. Caelynn used the alone time to open up to Colton about the most difficult time in her life — when she was drugged and raped as a sophomore in college. The pageant queen went into detail about what she went through and why she has intimacy issues because of it, and Colton was super understanding, supportive and comforting as she shared her story.

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After Caelynn said her piece, Colton revealed that she was not the first woman he dated who had been through something like this. Colton explained that his ex and “first love” had also been sexually abused, and admitted that it devastated him to see how much that affected her even years later. He didn’t name names, but Colton has said in interviews that his ex, gymnast Aly Raisman, was his “first love,” and Aly has been extremely vocal about Larry Nassar’s alleged abuse of her and dozens of other U.S. gymnasts. Naturally, fans are convinced that Aly is the woman in Colton’s story.

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“Pretty obvious Colton is talking about Aly Raisman here,” one person tweeted. “Thank you girls for sharing your stories with the world it takes a lot of courage!” Someone else added, “Holy s*** he’s talking about Aly Raisman!”

In his conversation with Caelynn, Colton admitted that the ex in his story had intimacy issues, which is part of the reason they never had sex while they were together. Colton’s virginity was a major storyline when he was on The Bachelorette, and has been a major topic of discussion on this season of The Bachelor. He opened up to Caelynn about how that’s been somewhat difficult for him because of the hardships his ex went through that kept them from being intimate. Aly has not commented on her previous relationship with Colton throughout his time on The Bachelor.

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