The Truth About Whether Angelina Jolie Is Seriously Dating A Billionaire?

While reports have recently surfaced claiming that Angelina Jolie, 42, is dating an unnamed British billionaire, a source close to Angelina said that these rumors are completely false. “Angelina is not dating anyone serious right now, and she is OK with that,” our source told us. “She went through a lonely phase after her split with Brad, but has gotten over it thanks to the love and attention from her kids. She is not ready to date or get serious with anyone until her divorce with Brad is finalized. Until then, she will continue to make her kids and her work her focus.”

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The bottom line? Angelina is not on the look-out for the next special person in her life, as she completely committed to her children. “She is not dating any actors, no billionaires from Europe and she is definitely not going to be seeing Brad again,” our source went on to say. “It’s just her and the kids for now, which is just fine by her.”

Speaking of her kids, Angelina has been seen out and about with her childrennearly every weekend over the past few months. In fact, Angelina was recently spotted out with her look-alike daughter Vivienne Jolie-Pitt, 10, and son Pax Jolie-Pitt, 15, on a shopping spree on Melrose Ave. on Mar. 3. But Angelina’s shopping trips with her kids have her ex Brad Pitt, 55, worried that she’s overindulging them. “Brad fears Angelina is spoiling the kids,” a source close to Brad told us EXCLUSIVELY. “He wishes Angie would stop buying the kids stuff they don’t need. He worries the kids are growing up spoiled and he does not want them to have a sense of entitlement like everything should be handed to them.” Angelina and Brad called it quits in 2016, and are in the middle of divorce proceedings.

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