Soulja Boy Announces He’s Running For President On ‘SNL’s

Soulja Boy Announces He’s Running For President

Making an appearance on ‘SNL’s Weekend Update, (played by Chris Redd) revealed that he was running for president! Watch his hilarious announcement here!

Appearing on Weekend Update, (portrayed incredibly by Chris Redd) announced that he was running for president, and also revealed his shock that Donald Trump was president: “Trump? Trump?! The dude that got bodied by the popular vote? The dude who got beef with Nan-silly Pillow-skis?” In order to prove that he was ready to serve, Soulja also listed off all the games he came up with that are “cornering the video game market”, which included: Fork-Knife (instead of Fortnite) Red Dread Recession (instead of Red Dead Redemption), and Super Manjeno Brothers. Redd’s impersonation was so spot-on, Michael Che couldn’t help but break several times. Check out the Weekend Update moment below!

During last week’s Weekend Update, Kate McKinnon stole the show as Elizabeth Warren. Likening her likability to a prostate exam, Kate joked, “…[Y]ou’ll need one or you’ll die. This country, Colin, is long overdue for a finger up its caboose. You might even like it. So bend over, America, and let mama Warren get to work.”

Perhaps one of the most iconic moments of Weekend Update happened this season when Dan Crenshaw made a cameo. Not only did he accept Pete Davidson‘s apology, he got in some hilarious digs aimed at Pete. In addition to having an Ariana Grande ringtone, he also compared Pete (and his blue hair) to a troll doll with a tape worm, Martin Short in The Santa Clause 2 and more.


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