Porsha Williams Calls NeNe Leakes A Liar For Saying Her Closet Scream Was A ‘Voiceover’

NeNe Leakes A Liar

Porsha Williams took a break from  being a new mom to call out NeNe Leakes A Liar. She had said Porsha recorded her screams inside NeNe’s closet in a studio rather than during filming of ‘RHOA.’

How can viewers forget the chaos that erupted when Porsha Williams and Kandi Burruss went snooping inside NeNe Leakes’ home closet on Real Housewives of Atlanta? It led to a screaming match that had NeNe pulling away the ladies’ cameraman by his shirt as the fight broke out. Now the 51-year-old claims that Porsha overhyped her lines in a studio as opposed to what really went down inside the closet. And the 37-year-old new mama is clapping back that NeNe’s pants are on fire as she’s a liar!

“On the show when she said ‘I’m scared, get me out of here,’ she filmed that in the studio and did a voice over and they put it in the show. So they got her to say ‘I’m scared get me out of here,’ she said that in an interview in the studio and they actually inserted it in the show,” NeNe claimed in the intro episode of her new YouTube series Life of NeNE! on March 21. She filmed the tell-all show from her actual home closet, since it’s now so infamous and such a big deal after cast mades went snooping in it against Nene’s wishes.

Porsha’s now clapping back hard to her co-star’s allegations. “NeNe Leakes A Liar, you are a bald edges lie! Nothing was taped and added. I said that the exact same moment you were assaulting people on camera. Just the same way Marlo (Hampton) yelled ‘She’s pregnant.’ Now back to breastfeeding I go,” she wrote in an Instragam comment captured by The Shade Room.

In the now epic March 3 episode of RHOA season 11, Porsha and Kandi were determined to see what the inside of NeNe’s closet looked like even though the Georgia peach told them no way were they to go in there. She even said “Y’all gonna make me get to fighting,” if they did go on the snooping mission. Well, they didn’t listen and NeNe lost it.

She grabbed te cameraman filming the ladies inside the closet by the shirt, yanking him backwards so the scenes started to cut out, but the microphones didn’t. NeNe could be heard saying “I am going to f**k you up” along with screams and Porsha could be heard yelling “I don’t want to be here no more, I’m scared.” So Porsha says that it happened in that moment and NeNe says it was taped after the fact. It’s apparently up to fans to decide because neither Bravo star is budging from her side of the story.

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