Pee Thomas and Migos Make It Rain at 1st Annual Stripper Bowl, 25 Dancers Took Home $125K EACH!

It was a night that 25 Atlanta strippers will never forget! The 1st annual Stripper Bowl took place Monday night at the Gold Room in Atlanta. Pierre “Pee” Thomas, CEO of Quality Control Records, and other ballers blessed a room full of strippers with $3 million in cash – which they split 25 ways. Each dancer left the club weighted down with $125,000 in ones!

The Gold Room is a former strip club that was raided by the feds and shut down in the mid-2000s. The club was renovated by Alex Gidewon of AG Entertainment. It is now the premiere celebrity hotspot in the affluent Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta.

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25 of Atlanta’s finest strippers were invited to the Stripper Bowl which took place the day after Super Bowl LIII. Each dancer left the club with $125,000 in one dollar bills.

Pee Thomas was the most generous of the ballers in the room. He threw $500,000 in cash at the dancers. rappers and Quavo contributed another $500,000. While other ballers, who wish to remain anonymous, chipped in another 2 million in cash.

The dancers waded through cash piled as high as their ankles. “There was a thick layer of dollar bills on the floor,” said one dancer. “It wasn’t just one or two bills, it was a thick layer of bills.”

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The dancer said there was so much money on the floor it was difficult to walk, much less dance.

Strip club veterans who witnessed the BMF glory days “making it rain on the ho*s” never saw a night like Monday night at the Gold Room!

Stay tuned for photos from the 1st Annual Stripper Bowl.

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