Paris Jackson ‘Looking Forward’ To 21st Birthday, But Wishes Her Dad Was Here To Celebrate

Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson is getting ready to celebrate turning the big 21 on Apr. 3, and she’s feeling more and more like an adult, but that isn’t stopping her from grieving her late father, Michael Jackson. “Paris is looking forward to being 21,” a source close to Paris says “She feels that she will officially be considered an adult in the eyes of her family and friends. She also understands that she will have much more responsibility when it comes to money as she has reached an age that she will be getting more from Michael’s trust. Though money is wonderful, its not what is going to drive her because she is not that kind of person. If everything was the way she wanted, she would want her father around. Material and monetary things are not what is important to Paris.”

Although Paris has admitted to having some health issues, including suicidal tendencies, in the past, turning 21 is helping her reflect on her life and she is determined to stay healthy and strong. “A happy and healthy life is what Paris is interested in and she is looking to her 21st to be the start of greater things in her life,” the source continued. “She’s looking forward to what the future is going to bring.”

It’s great to hear that health will be a priority for Paris as she gets older. The blonde beauty recently had many of her followers worried when it was reported she was hospitalized after friends say she accidentally cut her arm during a party. Although there were some reports that the hospitalization was caused by a suicide attempt, Paris was quick to take to social media to deny it, and shared photos of herself looking happy and healthy.

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