Open Post: Offset’s oldest daughter’s mom says Cardi B made him a better man

One of rapper ’s baby mamas did the unexpected: she publicly complimented rapper for shaping into a better man. Shya L’Amour told TMZ she was surprised to hear the Migos rapper rhyme about being a father to his four children.

Shya said she was touched by the lyrics to the title track on the rapper’s new album Father of 4. The lyrics spoke about ’s bond with his eldest daughter, Kaiea.

Kalea, you my first, first daughter
I missed the first years of your life, I’m sorry
Tell the truth, I ain’t really know if I was your father
Tell the truth, I really don’t even know your mama

Shya didn’t appreciate the lyrics at first because ’s busy schedule doesn’t leave much room for him to spend quality time with their daughter, Kaeia.

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Shya took to Instagram Live to bash her baby daddy. But after she listened to the rest of the album, Shya said she has a newfound respect for the promiscuous rapper.

“When I first heard the lyrics, it was just like, it was hurtful,” Shya said.

“I was really talking out of emotion when I did that Live, so I apologize for that. But yeah it was hurtful. And I had no heads up or nothing, I didn’t get a call afterwards, I heard it at the same time the world did.”

Shya credited for influencing to change his ways.

“Since he’s been with her he’s definitely [changed],” she said. “I’ve seen a lot of growth.”

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found himself outside in the cold when Cardi dumped him after a blogger leaked text messages he exchanged with a groupie while arranging a 3-way orgy.

humbled himself and begged Cardi to take him back.

During her brief period as a single mom, Cardi introduced the couple’s daughter, Kulture, on social media. was hurt because he wanted to be the one to debut his favorite child to the world.

father of 4

“The album cover was originally going to be the debut of Kulture’s face, but that obviously changed when Cardi decided to post a pic of Kulture right after she split from Offset,” according to Us Weekly.

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After the couple reunited, Cardi convinced him to feature all four of his children – including sons Kody and Jordan – on the cover instead of just Kulture alone.

As a result of her efforts, Shya said she has found new respect for Cardi.

“She has a really good heart,” the single mom told TMZ.

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