Open Post: Cardi B gets bottom lip pierced in L.A.

Cardi B Cares What You Think

Rapper has been silent on social media since she deleted her Instagram page amid Grammy backlash on Sunday. She resurfaced in Los Angeles at a tattoo shop where she got her bottom lip pierced.

The 26-year-old rapper made history as the first female rapper to win a Grammy for best rap album. But an inside source said she is depressed after the backlash to her Grammy win on social media.

Tattoo artist Luis Vega posted photos of the rapper on his Instagram page. He captioned the photos: “Guess who came in to the shop today so random @iamcardib to get her bottom lip piercing at @cityofangelstattoos so blessed I had the privilege to meet her at my shop”.

The mom-of-one has been quiet since deleting her Instagram after going on an expletive-filled rant against “haters” who criticized her for winning a Grammy for best rap album over more deserving rappers.

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“I cry because I know the hell I went through making this album,” she said.

“She’s taking time off to reenergize” said a confidential source who is close to her management team. The insider said someone remains with Cardi “24/7” to watch over her.

He said the mom-of-one was not prepared for this level of success. “It’s too much, too soon,” he said. “Everything is happening too fast. She’s feeling the pressure.”

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