Offset Confirms That Crackhead Caused His Car Accident

Confirms That Crackhead Caused His Car Accident

got into a scary car wreck last week in Atlanta.

His Dodge Challenger was destroyed and he spent the night in the hospital.

After the accident, his girl Cardi B explained what happened in a Tweet which she eventually deleted.

“Crazy how Set had to swerve and hit a tree cause a crackhead was in the middle of the road trying to get hit or kill himself,” she wrote. “But God do unexplainable things! Luckily a man was walking by, walked him home and just vanished. The Lord is real.”  

That’s one pretty suspect explanation. However, when TMZ caught up with he stuck with the crackhead story.

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TMZ reports that the police are done questioning — who left the scene without calling 911 — and that he won’t be charged with anything.

So maybe there was a crackhead.

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