Nigerian Girl Being Raped, While Drunk Video Surface Online – Watch

After the incident, reports suggested that the boys had been arrested by members of the Nigerian Police Force. Interestingly, all the boys and their two victims are said to all be under the age of 20.

According to Laila’s News via Oge Nwaanyi Neni’s Facebook page, the boys had allegedly invited those girls over to their house. Although those girls didn’t know them, they decided to go see them and live a little. This underlines the worrying rape realities in Nigeria, with young boys feeling so invincible to allegedly gang-rape two girls, then proceed to post videos on the internet. What do we teach our kids in this country? There is a problem.

Even more worryingly, Neni reports that the boys have now been let go by the police without punishment, neither was any court proceeding instituted against them, despite there being potentially at least 3 offences in their alleged act.

Narrating details of the event, NewsRoom360 writer, Oge Nwaanyi Neni wrote the following on her Facebook page;

“There is a very disgusting and heartbreaking rape video going viral now tagged “we have 7 bedrooms and one parlor”. While watching some of it, I was caught between crying and crying. Yes! I felt like those girls were my siblings or even daughter. What has this world turned into?

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“This is not even the time to advise these men to go and pay little money in brothels or get a sex-worker because these are children. None of them is above 20 if not 18. This calls for alarm. Parents of these days show off their wealth by how expensive their children gadgets are not knowing they are endangering them.

“I remember one day in my sister’s shop, a lady came in with her son to buy him a phone. The type of phone this woman and her son were describing left my mouth wide open. Now! These children are given these phones with little or no parental guidance. Even those that inspect, most times don’t know where and what to restrict them from using. This is not the only problem, this is part.

“Videos and Movies play a great role here too. Then after learning those rubbish, they look for a nearby girl or boy to practice the evil they have learned. It’s a bad one! It is so sad that a girl below 20 will be invited by a guy she barely knows and she will accept to go without proper knowledge of where and who he is with.

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“Well… These 5boys raped two girls. One of them was said to have invited the lady who went with her girlfriend.. On getting to the said address, they met them smoking (I don’t know what they called the particular one they used) but they were forced to smoke and were drugged. They drugged and raped the both of them, then they made a video of both moments.

“There are a lot of things in that video that scares the shit out of me. I almost threw up. That video is very scary. I wish our parents sees these and begin to take precautions. God forbid oh!

“When will ladies even learn? The other day Nkechi made a post of the things she would do if a stranger invites her over. As funny as it sounds, we should all learn that. Which kind nonsense gist be this sef.

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“Mtcheww. To those girls, I wish they find those boys and make them face the law. I pray they find reasons to move on with life again. See, from that video and they way it was recorded, it wasn’t just the rape alone. They did it with the intent to tarnish their image(s).

“PS: Biko I beg you people in God’s name or the name of anything you hold dear, don’t come to ask me for those videos because will ignore you except you have a tangible reason because they need to find those idiots. The thing is still paining me.”

Nobody should walk free of the full brunt of the Law from such brazen violation of a fellow human being, regardless of age. Responsibility and empathy are natural, no child needs the education to understand the wrongness of posting such raunchy video.

Nigerian Girl Being Raped


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