Nicki Minaj Drops Remix Of Meek Mill & Drake’s ‘Going Bad’ — Calling Out Her Exes?

She went there! dropped a new track on Queen Radio tonight, and it’s remix of — get this — and ’s ‘Going Bad’! Stream the remix here!

She promised her fans that she was “going to give them the show of their lives,” and she wasn’t kidding! ‘s all about love with boyfriend Kenneth Petty, but her new remix pays homage to two of her major exes: and ! That’s right; the new music Nicki told fans she was dropping on the February 2 episode of Queen Radio is a remix of “Going Bad”, the song that proved Meek and ’s longtime feud was over. Was she saying that she was all good with them, too?

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You can listen to the “Going Bad” remix below! While the lyrics sound like she could be spitting shade at other rappers, especially considering that she remixed a song done by two guys she’s historically had drama with. It’s all good, though! She made a point of telling DJ Boof before playing the track that any beef she has with other rappers is “fun” and just part of the industry.

So, considering this remix, that dashes some fans’ belief that she was dissing in her “Hard White” music video. The trippy video features some visuals that could have been a reference to his recent album, Scorpion. The scorpion appears at one point in the video, then shatters into tiny pieces. A not-so subtle reference to , or just a cool visual? We’re still not so sure what to think!

Fans really thought that she was going to release a track about her boyfriend, Kenneth Petty. They’re so in love! Her crew is probably relieved, though. As HollywoodLife told you EXCLUSIVELY, Nicki’s crew thinks she and Kenneth, as in love as they are, are moving way too fast! “It’s all very intense and romantic, but it’s also got her inner circle very anxious,” a friend of the rapper said. “He’s already telling her he wants to marry her, and she’s saying the same thing! The fear is that she’ll do something spontaneous, like run off and elope and then regret it later.” Very valid concerns!

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