Nasty C And Runtown Promise Fans 2 New Hits

Nasty C and have combined forces once before and gave us a banger called Said which dropped late 2018. The video dropped a little over 3 months ago and has already reached 5,3 million views on YouTube.

recently left the country for Nigeria to go perform. Whilst the rapper is Nigeria, he has taken the priviledge of getting back in studio with Nigerian Superstar Runtown. announced the upcoming collaborations on his twitter account tweeting “Two bangers tonight with my bro @Nasty_CSA 🔥🔥🔥“.

replied to Runtowns tweet bragging about how they had done it like it was nothing. He then went on to tweet “Pregnant and still killing shit”. This follows his marketing strategy which broke the internet telling his fans to photoshop his face to a pregnant body saying that he is pregnant with Strings And Bling.

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