‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Claims Jussie Smollett Sabotaged His Career

 has been accused of sabotaging the career of a Hollywood hopeful who once appeared on the TV series ‘Love and Hip Hop.’

Milan Christopher, an aspiring star who enjoyed a short run on ‘Hip Hop’, claims Jussie was envious of his career and used his power to block what he believes could have been a fruitful career.

Let me tell y’all a little story about an evil jealous black gay man I once met.

This insecure jealous queen did everything in their power to keep me from expanding my brand and having a new platform that would empower my reach & expand my ‘Empire.’

Milan used Instagram to make his allegations but has now removed the pointed message following criticism from TV lovers who claim he is using Smollett’s assault case to generate attention for himself now he is no longer on television.

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