Lil’ Mo Reveals A New Collaboration With Wiz Khalifa: For New Album ‘Separation Anxiety.’

Lil’ Mo’s got a brand new album & a few tricks up her sleeve! The R&B singer EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife all about the surprises on her new record, ‘Separation Anxiety.’

Lil’ Mo, 40, has seen some major screen time on Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition, but even while filming the show, she’s still found time to hit the recording studio! The R&B songstress is releasing a brand new album, Separation Anxiety, but it’s not at all what you would expect! The singer enlisted a little help from some friends on the record, and the tracklist is a star-studded affair. Mo and her man, Karl Dargan, 33, stopped by the HollywoodLife podcast studio for an EXCLUSIVE chat and shared the deets.

“Right before we got here, I’m so excited…we got the clearance papers, and my first single, entitled “The Plug,” features ,” she told us EXCLUSIVELY. That’s not the only tea she spilled. “My 10-year-old is on the song too,” she added, excitedly. Yep – thats’s right, Lil’ Mo got one of her kids on a track with Wiz. Coolest mom ever?! LISTEN TO OUR FULL PODCAST INTERVIEW WITH LIL MO HERE!

Lil’ Mo clearly has no problem sharing the spotlight with her kids. She went on to reveal that the entire EP was a family affair. “Our son Justin is singing on it, as well, because he’s the one that’s going to be the next superstar in the family,” she explained. “I got some surprises for this album. I’m gonna do a song with my 16-year-old daughter, because she recorded a song called “I just wanna sing.” She also added that she first heard her daughter sing the track live at her sweet 16 and was blown away. “I was like, ‘oh my God,’” she raved.

Meanwhile, Marriage Boot Camp has also been keeping Mo very busy! Even the most intimate details of her marriage to Karl have been splattered across TV screens on account of the show, but when they stopped by for our podcast, the couple actually praised the series. Both Mo and Karl said that the doctors featured on the show were incredibly beneficial to them as a couple, and helped them navigate through issues they faced as a couple.

For Karl, specifically, that pain was a result of him witnessing his cousin getting killed. [The doctors] “teach you how to communicate … they get in your mind.” Karl explained. “This is kind of scary a little bit because the situation with me is one of my cousins — we’re the same age, but he was a few months older than me — and I actually [saw] him get killed. But I never talked about it to anybody, ever, in my life.” In fact, because Karl never talked about it to anyone, Lil’ Mo said, “He didn’t realize that’s a trauma.”

Karl continued, “I never talked about it to [my] Mom — I never talked about it. Everybody knows what happened, but I never ever, ever talked about. You feel me? [But, the doctors] got me to talk about it. I was like, yo, that’s crazy.”

After hearing all about Lil’ Mo’s new album, we cannot wait to listen to the EP in its entirety! For now, though, we’ll be checking out Lil Mo and Karl on Marriage Boot Camp: Hip-Hop Edition when it airs Thursdays at 10:00 p.m. on WE tv!

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