LeBron James ‘Blindsided’ By Magic Johnson Quitting & ‘Frustrated’ With First Season As An L.A. Laker

LeBron James, 34, is not happy with the Los Angeles Lakers or Magic Johnson, 59, and he’s finding his first season with the popular team an unexpectedly hard one. After Magic announced he was stepping down from being the L.A. Lakers president on Apr. 9, LeBron was shocked and disappointed, and he’s also having a hard time staying positive with the losses he encountered with the team this season.

“LeBron is frustrated with how this season has turned out because it has been nothing short of a disaster,” a source close to LeBron tells. “When he heard about Magic quitting he was blindsided with the announcement and he wasn’t happy at all because it’s one more thing LeBron has to worry about in the off season. LeBron has been in the NBA Finals every year since 2010 and the fact that he isn’t even in the playoffs is a bit embarrassing. The Lakers have such an uphill battle to figure out that LeBron is trying to find the patience to handle it all. If these dilemmas continue into next season no one would be surprised if LeBron requested a trade, it’s that bad right now.”

It’s understandable that LeBron would be having such a difficult time with his new team considering what happened in the past few months. He just moved from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the L.A. Lakers last July and although the move brought out a lot of excitement for many Lakers fans, his first season with the popular team proved to be a tough one. He suffered a groin injury during a game against the Golden State Warriors in Dec. 2018 causing him to miss 17 games, the most of his basketball career at that point, and on Mar. 30, it was announced that he would also miss the last six games of the season due to the injury.

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