Khloe Kardashian Heartbroken Tristan Thompson Didn’t Fight Harder To Win Her Back

Khloe Kardashian Heartbroken Tristan Thompson

Maybe  was suffering from apology fatigue when it came to cheating on  again? He worked hard and managed to win her back after allegedly stepping out on her with a NYC strip club worker days before she gave birth to daughter True Thompson in April of 2018. But he didn’t do the same when he fooled around with Kylie Jenner‘s longtime bestie Jordyn Woods, 21, at a house party on Feb. 17. Khloe dumped him, but this time he didn’t go groveling back to her.

“Khloe is not only heartbroken, but she is also disappointed and sometimes even gets angry when she thinks about how things ended between her and Tristan. Khloe wishes he had fought harder for her love and for their relationship. Khloe was willing to forgive him for his mistakes, she desperately wanted to keep her young family together,” a source close to the 34-year-old tells.

“But as time passes, and she looks back at how things went down between them, she feels like if Tristan had just tried harder, made more of an effort to be loyal and loving, they would still be together,” the insider continues. Tristan seemed to be checking out of his relationship with Khloe by the time he ended up making out with Jordyn. He was in L.A. over Valentine’s Day and he didn’t even spend the romantic holiday with Khloe. Instead he allegedly attended a “singles party” at Cavaliers teammate Jordan Clarkson‘s rental home in Woodland Hills, CA.

Tristan, 28, is just the latest man who hasn’t been able to stay faithful to Khloe. She’s admitted to being cheated on by ex-husband Lamar Odom, 39, as well as ex boyfriend and Houston Rockets star James Harden, 29. Now she’s just going to swear off men for the time being. “It’s not just Tristan that Khloe has trouble wrapping her head around — but French (Montana) and Lamar. She feels frustrated that she’s been unlucky in love which is why she’s taking a breather and a break. She knows it’ll be hard to put herself out there again. She truly can’t believe this happened again to her,” our source adds.


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