Halle Berry, 52, Loves Flaunting Her Sexy Body: She’s ‘Proud’ Of Her Workout Results

Halle Berry continues to prove that age is just a number. The stunning John Wick star’s Instagram page is packed with pics that make it clear she’s still got it — and then some. And the Oscar winner is darn proud of her figure. A source close to the stunning star tells EXCLUSIVELY that she enjoys all the compliments she gets when she shares her sexy pics — and she loves to inspire her fans too.

“Halle is proud that at 52, and a mom of two, she can still look and feel as sexy as anyone else in Hollywood,” says the source. Halle shares five-year-old son Maceo with her ex-husband, Oliver Martinez, whom she divorced in 2017 after three years of marriage. Halle is also mom to 10-year-old daughter Nahla Ariela from her previous relationship with model Gabriel Aubry.

“Halle works hard to maintain her sexy body so she loves to show it off,” adds the source. “She’s a natural exhibitionist and is having a lot of fun sharing her life on social media. Halle loves the attention from her fans who give her a lot of love and positive feedback which makes her feel good. She gets inspired by all the loving feedback from fans and she likes to feel that she inspires people to be their best too.”

Although Halle certainly hit the genetic jackpot she also puts in a crazy amount of work to keep her figure in such fantastic shape. As we previously reported she works out at least fives days a week and sometimes more. In an EXCLUSIVE interview her longtime personal trainer Peter Lee Thomas broke down her secrets for staying in tip top shape.

But, as most fitness fanatics will tell you diet is just as important as exercise and not surprisingly Halle’s eating is as clean as it gets. According to her trainer she mainly eats a keto diet so she avoids sugar like the plague and almost never veers from her healthy eating plan. Bottom line — it takes serious dedication and tons of hard work to look like Halle. No wonder she wants to flaunt it.

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