Gary Oldman To Reprise Winston Churchill Role On Stage

Gary Oldman is reprising his Oscar-winning performance as U.K. war leader Winston Churchill for a new stage play. The British actor, who won the Best Actor prize at this year’s (18) Academy Awards for his portrayal of the heroic prime minister in Darkest Hour, is keen on playing him again on the small or big screen – but his next Churchill project is a stage play.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Gary revealed he has been working with the British hero’s great-grandson, Randolph, to adapt The Dream, a 1947 short story Winston wrote about meeting the ghost of his father, also called Randolph. “I’ve only scratched the surface. I think that there’s another chapter here,” the 60-year-old confessed. “Maybe a movie, maybe something on television. I’ve been working with Randolph (Churchill’s great-grandson) and I’ve adapted, with their kind permission, the short story The Dream. I’ve been talking about maybe doing it as a sort of two-hander onstage.”

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In the 1947 story, Winston, who was a keen amateur artist, is working on a portrait of his late father when he is visited by his ghost. He then goes on to explain the turbulent events of the past 50 years, including the two world wars, to his dad, who died in 1895.

Gary also revealed who he would like to cast in the play and selected fellow Brit Samuel West, who played loyal War minister Anthony Eden in Darkest Hour. Directed by Joe Wright, Darkest Hour was not a traditional biopic, instead focusing on Winston’s toughest period as prime minister in 1940 – when Britain looked to be losing the Second World War. The film ends with the leader’s famous wartime speech, which rallied the nation after the Dunkirk evacuation, more than five years before the end of the conflict.

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