Fifi Cooper – Take Me Back Album Cover, Tracklist & Date With Pre-Order

– Take Me Back Album Cover, Tracklist & Date With Pre-Order

Without so much as a warning, well at least to the public, Fifi Cooper finally reveals the finer details of her pending album, Take Me Back. The 21 track album is expected to arrive on the 17th of August 2018.

Motswako’s First Lady took to her social media to share the news complete with the striking album cover, as well as a pre-order link that fans can already use to join the notification gang-gang for when the piece arrives. Looking at the tracklist, there are 4 past releases that made it onto the album in the title track, her latest single Zwagala, the sentimental Freedom, as well as Boss Lady which she dropped towards the end of last year.

One of her previous releases, Power Of Gold, seems to have gotten a revamp, or rather a sequel, as we see it titled with the digit 2.0. I am certainly curious to hear what has been done to that. With so much having transpired in Fifi’s life and career this past year, her sophomore album will be a way for her fans to reconnect with her over music and hopefully “take her back.” We are here for all this triumph sis, come through with the vibranium, we’ll meet you at the top when you land.

See Album Tracklist Below:

Fifi Cooper - Take Me Back Album Cover,

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