Emtee graces the SAFW catwalk

Emtee graces the SAFW catwalk
Ambitiouz Ent better be careful. If they aren’t careful, they’ll lose their star player to the catwalk. Yep, you read it right. ’s had his first stint on the catwalk. As a model.

He took to the catwalk for Hospice Wits and Puma and got the crowds favour while strutting it out, true style. The styling was handled by Miahs Mayas and didn’t stray too far from the rapper’s traditional style.

Now, who said rappers ain’t stylin’?

Please, this won’t be the first time the famed rapper will get hit up on some modeling tip. Man, imagine Ambitiouz Ent starting an Ambitiouz Agency for this?

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