Drake Once Asked Out Heidi Klum But She Completely Ghosted Him

Drake Once Asked Out Heidi Klum But She Completely Ghosted Him

Drake may be the most eligible bachelor in all of North America. There are women around the world that would kill to get with the international superstar, whether for one night or the rest of their lives. When it comes to Heidi Klum though, she’s just not feeling it.

The model and television personality was on the Ellen DeGeneres show a few months back where she played a game of “Who Would You Rather?” sticking with Drake for nearly the entire session. However, when Drizzy actually sent her a text message, Klum left him on read. In her own words, he was about “a week too late.”

In her defense, she had started dating “the love of her life” seven days prior to the text message being sent. The star was back on Ellen to discuss her current plans and, of course, her relationship with current boyfriend Tom Kaulitz. She revealed that had actually reached out to her to go on a date but that she never answered him, issuing an apology directly to the camera in case he was watching.

Drizzy apparently went to serious lengths to reach out to her, asking one of their mutual friends for her number so he could slide into her messages but, alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Ellen seemed dumbfounded about how somebody wouldn’t respond to Drake’s messages but considering she was just starting out in a new relationship, she likely wanted to prove her loyalty. And is there a better way to do so than by ghosting ?

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