Dozens of Chicago hospital workers FIRED for accessing Jussie Smollett’s medical records

accessing Jussie Smollett’s medical records

Dozens of Chicago hospital workers, including emergency room nurses, were let go after they accessed actor ’s medical records via the hospital’s secured computer network.

According to CBS2, Northwestern Memorial Hospital fired the workers for improperly viewing the medical records after Smollett was treated in the hospital’s emergency room for minor scratches on his face.

Smollett’s friend, director and choreographer Frank Gatson Jr. drove Smollett to the hospital on Jan. 29, hours after the actor claimed he was beat up by 2 Trump supporters who poured bleach on him and tied a noose around his neck outside his Chicago high-rise condo.

Sources tell CBS2 the hospital workers were terminated last week for violating the hospital’s privacy policy.

One registered nurse told CBS2 she didn’t view Smollett’s chart, but she was fired anyway and she believes many other nurses and staffers were fired for the same reason.

The nurse is appealing her termination.

Usernames and passwords are logged whenever workers access a patient’s medical chart via the hospital’s medical charting software portal.

The date and time they accessed the health records are also logged.

Hospital staffers are warned to protect their usernames and passwords and not to share their logins with colleagues.

Police later arrested Smollett for staging the “publicity stunt” in order to boost his salary as an actor on Fox TV’s Empire.

Investigators say Smollett paid two brothers $3,500 to help him stage the attack and blame Trump supporters.

Smollett posted $100,000 bond and is currently awaiting trial.

The feds are also investigating whether Smollett sent a threatening letter to himself.

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