Cassper Talks On How He Diversified His Income Streams

Cassper Talks On How He Diversified His Income Streams

It is no secret that is one of SA’s wealthiest musicians and this didn’t come from the music alone. The rapperecently revealed the various streams of his income responding to a fan who asked what he’d do after the music.

“You have to diversify your income streams. Watch my moves. I’m getting paid as an athlete now, I sell clothes, I’ve got a construction company. I’ve got a lot of ideas that I won’t mention here cause broers copy my moves but I’ve been given an amazing mind and I plan to use it,” tweeted Cassper responding to the fan.

The rapper does not reveal the full scope of his income streams considering the deals he has with company’s like Ciroc and Coca Cola. The rapper never ceises to amaze with new deals being announced regularly and starting his own businesses.

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