Cassper Addresses Haters Calling Him Arrogant

This week did not start on a positive note for as we have seen him being dragged by SA Hip Hop fans. The rappers tweet about not drinking cheap vodka had him dragged by fans who thought he was shading .

The rapper went on to his Instagram and posted a live video addressing how he thought the people calling him arrogant. Cassper said that people are always saying he is arrogant because he’d come out and say that he drives a Bentley or that he has a bigger house.

“Once you make it you wanna shout out like ‘yeah I made it,’ but that makes people start hating or start looking at you different like your’e so arrogant just by saying facts like I’m rich or I live in a mansion,” said Cassper. He spoke about how people get trapped once they get to a point were they can say stuff like that because people get offended.

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