Cardi B Baby Kulture, 9 Month’s, Dances To Her Parents’ Song ‘Clout’ In Adorable Video

Baby Kulture

For the longest time , 27, and , 26, were extremely private when it came to showing their daughter Kulture, especially when it came to social media. But the older she gets, the more adorable she is and it seems they just can’t help but want to share the nine-month-old’s cuteness with the world. The Migos member posted an Instagram video of his little one sitting up and bouncing along to the rhythm of his song “Clout,” which features Cardi. The proud mama gets her daughter’s attention as she sings along “hey hey hey” during her daddy’s rhymes and Kulture looks up at her, lights up and starts moving her hands in the air to the song, trying to dance along.

The video was shot by the “I Like It” rapper and was likely sent to her husband, as it was taken on what looks like the same giant white bed aboard a private aircraft that she and her daughter used on April 23. At the time Cardi was lamenting having to leave and jet off somewhere without after spending a precious Easter weekend together as a family unit. She captioned an IG pic “Boutta blast but we missing poppa bear 🐻 😪What a great weekend/holiday we had. Theres nothing more valuable than family time,” and showed herself snuggled up to Kutlure in the aircraft’s large bed.

shared the video of his baby girl dancing along to his music via his IG on April 26, captioning it “BABY KK SAY, THEY DO ANYTHING FOR CLOUT, DA DA & MA MA,” which included a line from the chorus of “Clout” and a reference to his daughter’s full name, Kulture Kiari. She looks SO adorable, wearing a pink t-shirt with a cute bunny rabbit on the front. Fans went absolutely went crazy for the video, as it racked up over 3.5 million likes in just eight hours.
It wasn’t just fans but celebs too that loved the video. Waka Flocka Flame commented that she’s a “Gerber baby” because she’s so perfect and beautiful. Cardi’s younger sister Hennessy Carolina, 23, added “:’’’’’)))) Go go go kulture!!!💖💖💖💖💖.” Others left comments that “She is sooooooo beautiful and pretty,” about and Cardi’s little girl.


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