Bebe Rexha Admits She Hasn’t Spoken To Her Dad In 2 Weeks After His Concern Over Her Sexy Pics

Bebe Rexha Admits She Hasn’t Spoken

When , 29, released the music video for her latest single “Last Hurrah” on Feb. 21, her dad wasn’t so happy about the scandalous and risque images of his daughter. The portrayal of Bebe in her art has caused tension between the two, and Bebe admitted on SiriusXM Hits 1 Morning Mash Up that she and her father haven’t spoken for two weeks because of it!

“I love my dad,” Bebe started to explain, but added, “He hasn’t talked to me in two weeks. I posted a picture of me in Mexico, well he was upset because I posted a picture on my Instagram of me laying on my bed… [it was] suggestive, there was a cross above me. I was inspired by Madonna’s ‘Like A Prayer,’ it’s just art. I think my dad looks at me like his daughter. Yeah, and I understand. It’s like, ‘Dad,’ I was trying to explain, ‘Please don’t hate me. It’s art,’ I understand.”

Bebe tried to reason with her parents, and even changed her art to make them happy. “I even changed my video up for ‘Last Hurrah,’ like I changed it up to be more respectful for him and my mom,” Bebe continued. “It’s still obviously a little edgier, and it’s art. My dad loves me and I love him, I’m just sacred to go home tonight.”

Bebe’s video for “Last Hurrah” was definitely “edgier” indeed, with Bebe going to a club, kissing strangers, and showing nearly-naked dancers in cages. Bebe’s Instagram pics of her on the bed and with the cross were stills from the video, which featured that scene toward the end. One of Bebe’s outfits read “Daddy’s angel” on the lower front part of her skirt, which was definitely provocative!

Her dad sent Bebe a text after the video was released, and it wasn’t exactly the nicest message. “You better stop posting stupid pornography because you make me sick I can’t take this anymore embarrassed to go in public,” he said, which Bebe shared on social media and then later deleted. The singer must have felt awful reading that sort of thing from her parent about her artwork, but it’s up to her at the end of the day to forgive him.

While we totally understand Bebe’s desire to be respectful to her parents, we also think she owes it to herself to make the art that she wants to make! Whatever happens, we’re totally Team Bebe!


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