Bag Lady: Wendy Williams Returns to Sober House with Lunch

Wendy Williams Returns to Sober House with Lunch

was all smiles when she returned to the sober house residential housing after taping her popular talk show in New York City on Wednesday. She carried bags of lunch and fruit beverages to tide her over until a delivery man brought a wagon full of groceries later.

On Tuesday Wendy, 54, made the shocking admission that she was living in a residential drug treatment apartment to help kick her decades-long drug and alcohol addictions.

She was in a good mood as she chatted with her driver and police officers.

Wendy broke the shocking news of her living arrangements to her TV audience on Tuesday’s show, hours after the Daily Mail UK contacted her for a comment.

Fighting back tears, Wendy said she was living in the Sober House and attending meetings around the city.

After taping her talk show, she is driven back to the facility by a driver or her husband, Kevin Hunter, usually in a green Rolls Royce SUV or a variety of Mercedes Benz.

The building that houses the 6,400 sq. ft. Sober House boutique apartments is situated above a barber shop on Pearson Street in Long Island City, NY.

Staff at the Otis & Finn shop described the apartments as a halfway house for people addicted to drugs and alcohol. The barber shop occupies the space once leased by a limo company.

The scene outside the Sober House was a beehive of activity on Wednesday, as photographers jockeyed for shots of the infamous talk show host.

Police officers kept the photographers at a respectable distance on the sidewalk near the nondescript red brick 2-story building on Pearson Street in a mixed use residential neighborhood in Long Island City, NY.

Later, a lone grocery delivery man was seen delivering a wagon full of groceries and beverages to Wendy and the other residents of the sober house which is run by Pure Recovery Network of NYC.


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