Ariel Winter Looks Slimmer Than Ever In Sexy Laced Top At Art Exhibit — Pics

Ariel Winter Looks Slimmer

Ariel Winter has turned into the incredible shrinking woman. The Modern Family star has dropped a noticeable amount of weight thanks to her rigorous exercise regimen and is flaunting her new frame. The 21-year-old hit up San Francisco’s Museum of Ice Cream and shared pics of her experience via an Instagram post on Feb. 19. She still has her amazing cleavage which she showed off by going braless in a black long-sleeved shirt with an open-lace up front. Ariel stood inside a giant pink heart and her trim legs in tight black pants and tiny waist were still visible.

Where the weight loss is most noticeable is around Ariel’s face. Her chin and cheekbones are much more prominent, and the actress went with very little makeup for her trip to the Instagram friendly “art” museum. She wore her hair parted down the middle and straight, as it gently caressed the sides of her face.

Ariel showed off two pics from her trip to the Museum of Ice Cream. The first one was just the big pink heart outline, and in a second she was holding it above her head while sitting in a bed full of plastic fake ice cream sprinkles. The museum devoted to interactive objects resembling ice cream and candy related items and was a monster hit in Los Angeles, wrapping up it’s super successful run at the end of 2017. The San Francisco exhibit opened in Sept. of 2017 and decided to remain open indefinitely, unlike the ones in LA, Manhattan and Miami which all had closing dates. It looks like Ariel just wanted to get her sweet art fix on at the only remaining one.

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It appeared that Ariel had a fun weekend getaway, as last week she was spotted on the set of Modern Family filming what could be the final episodes of the show. It’s due to end this May after a remarkable 10 years on the air, but our sister site Deadline reported in Dec. of 2018 that the six primary adult cast members were closing in on renewal deals for a season 11. The younger actors would then negotiate their deals once older members of the cast were locked in. It’s so wild to think we’ve been watching Ariel onscreen as Alex Dunphy since she was just 11 years old. Viewers have seen her literally grow up through her teenage years in real time and now she’s blossomed into such a stunning young woman, as evidenced by her gorgeous pics at the Museum of Ice Cream.

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