Ariana Grande Posts Cryptic Message About ‘Letting Someone Go’ As Ex Pete Davidson Moves On

riana Grande Posts Cryptic Message

 is focused on her North American Sweetener tour, which just kicked off on March 18. Yet after a sold out show in Boston on March 20, she seemed to be doing some reflection about her past relationships. She shared a long quote from author Horatio Jones about the need for letting someone go to her Instagram stories. It sure sounded a lot like she could have been describing her whirlwind four-month engagement to Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson, 24, which came to a crashing end in Oct. of 2018.

“Sometimes, the reason for letting someone go is because they can’t help but hurt you during this phase of their life. When you love someone deeply, you learn what demons live within them and you realize they are hurting you because they are hurting somewhere within themselves,” the painful post began.

“They are fighting a battle within and may not even know it, so they take it out on you and fight you,” the message continued. Two months after their split, Pete posted a cryptic, possibly suicidal IG message that read “I really don’t want to be on this earth anymore,” then deleted his account. Ari rushed to NYC’s 30 Rock to be with Pete out of concern, but he had guards deny letting her up to the SNL floor.

“Decide to let them go, but not because you’re being petty and resentful. You let them go because you really believe that the both of you can find the healing you truly need without being together and hurting each other in the process. Letting someone go doesn’t mean you stop loving and caring about anyone. Letting go means you’re choosing freedom over the illusion of loyalty,” the quote concludes.

Pete, 25, and Ari, 25, started dating in mid-May of 2018 just a few weeks after she ended things with boyfriend of two years Mac Miller. By early June they were engaged, but their whirlwind romance came to a crashing halt when Mac was found dead in his LA home from an accidental drug overdose on Sept. 7. It absolutely devastated Ariana to her core and five weeks later she and Pete were done. Mac is still on her mind so much that as fans made their way to their seats at Albany, New York’s Times Union Center tour kickoff concert, Ari had Mac’s music blasting throughout the arena before her show began, leaving some fans in tears at the moving gesture.

Pete has recently been romancing actress Kate Beckinsale, 45, with intimate dinners and trips to hockey games. Ariana is single and completely focused on her massive career, sold-out tour, and upcoming headlining performances at Coachella in April and Lollapalooza 2019 this summer. They both seem to be in much better places than they were at the end of 2018.


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