Amber Tamblyn: Time’s Up still has work to do

Amber Tamblyn: Time’s Up still has work to do

Amber Tamblyn says the Time’s Up movement isn’t finished yet.

“I have friends who are experiencing some pretty brutal stuff right now,” the actress, 35, said during a conversation with New York Times reporter Jodi Kantor at the 92nd Street Y on Tuesday night. “It’s still happening.”

“We’re in a slightly safer place,” Tamblyn admitted, before noting any male actors that have been accused of sexual misconduct in the workplace are simply letting it “cool off,” before making a return to the spotlight.

“Believe me, they’ll wait us out, they’re betting on our exhaustion,” she explained.

When Kantor, who broke the initial sexual misconduct accusations against Harvey Weinstein in October, asked Tamblyn if teenage women were still being pressured to do things against their will in auditions, without hesitation she responded: “Absolutely, oh one hundred percent.”

Time’s Up acts as a legal defense fund and has assigned 300 sexual harassment cases to lawyers around the country. Tamblyn continues to work alongside other voices in the movement, including Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman, towards inclusion for all women.

“I will say though as things are equalizing and getting better, we have to keep remembering that for women of color and certainly transwomen that is absolutely not the case, not even close,” she said. “Their equality whether it be healthcare, whether it be the safety of their bodies, their workplaces, is the lowest point of care in this country and certainly within this administration and so while we can talk about how things are definitely changing their definitely different than they have ever been before, there is still so much I think work to be done.”

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