6ix9ine Humbly Thanks Fans For “Tati’s” Early Success

Humbly Thanks Fans For “Tati’s” Early Success

Over the weekend, Tekashi  came through with a new single by the name of “Tati.” His status as a fan favorite helped catapult the song to success, and the aggressive banger didn’t take long to rack up a couple million views. In light of his recent success, the rainbow-haired rapper took to Instagram to share a humble reflection on his success.

“I wanna say thank you to everybody who’s been supporting “Tati,” sharing it,” says . “We at 4 million in 24 hours, 4 million views. I don’t know why I keep getting blessed. I wanna thank God. I’m still fuckin’ hungry man. I’m into this game a couple months ago, and I’m still hungry. I still want more.”

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He begins getting more personal, painting a picture of himself as a man unchanged. “I still live in the same home I been livin’ before I blew up,” he says.  “Still in the hood. There’s a whole lotta money. I’m hungry, I don’t want to change my lifestyle. I don’t want to lose the hunger. I don’t want to lose who I am.”

He proceeds to drop some advice, suggesting a potential foray into “role model” territory. “For every kid out there making music, be yourself and stick to yourself. Believe in yourself. I’m proving to everybody that you don’t need no fuckin money to make it in this rap game. The money gon’ come. Just be hungry.”

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