2-year-old girl still missing, father arrested in Kansas City woman’s death

Police in Milwaukee have arrested the father of a missing toddler whose mother was shot and killed on Monday. An Amber Alert has been issued for missing 2-year-old Noelani Robinson.

24-year-old Kansas City native Sierra Robinson was shot and killed on Monday by her child’s father, Dariaz Higgins.

Police arrested Higgins on Wednesday afternoon near the Timmerman Airport in Milwaukee. Higgins is suspected of killing Sierra and abducting their daughter.

A second person was also arrested with Higgins for harboring and aiding a fugitive.

Noelani was last seen with Higgins in a 2014 black Cadillac on Monday.

Sierra’s family members are devastated. “It’s minute-by-minute. It’s devastating. I’m trying to stay positive. Trying to stay humble,” said Sierra’s father, Hank Robinson.

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Robinson said Sierra was killed after she went to Milwaukee to introduce her daughter to her biological father, Higgins.

“She wanted a relationship between her child and her child’s father,” Robinson told KSHB News.

Robinson said things turned ugly almost immediately. “He had stopped contacting her,” he said.

Court records obtained by KSHB show she and a friend went to pick up Noelani from Higgins’ home. Shortly afterwards, witnesses heard gunshots.

Sierra died instantly from multiple gunshot wounds, according to KSHB. Her friend was not injured.

Higgins was charged with “first-degree intentional homicide with a deadly weapon” and “first-degree recklessly endangering the safety of another with a deadly weapon.”

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Higgins was also arrested in Las Vegas in 2013 for sex trafficking. Las Vegas Now reported. Court records show he admitted to prostituting women and taking their money.

Noelani is described as Black, with black hair and brown eyes. She is 3-feet-tall and about 30 pounds. Police believe the little girl might be in Minnesota or Michigan.

Robinson had this message for Higgins: “She wants her mother. I guarantee you she is asking for her mother right now. He needs to tell his side of his story. Speak up for himself and allow Noelani to have a life.”

“If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of Noelani Robinson, please notify your local police department or call 911,” the Milwaukee police tweeted.

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