Chicago Police Refused to Protect Jussie Smollet After He Posted Bond

Chicago police declined to protect disgraced ‘Empire’ actor Jussie Smollett or escort him through a sea of reporters and camera crews waiting for him outside the Cook County Courthouse after he posted bail on Thursday.

According to The Blast, a Cook County Sheriff walked Smollett from the jail to the gate, but that’s where they stopped.

Smollett was seen leaving the Courthouse after posting 10% of a $100,000 bond following his arrest early Thursday on a felony charge of faking a hate crime hoax.

After posting bond, Smollett was back on the Empire set, according to Variety.

The Empire actor appeared emotionless, tired and withdrawn as he followed his bodyguard through the media circus.

During an earlier bond hearing, Judge John Fitzgerald Lyke told Smollett, “As you stand before me we presume you’re innocent but the state read me a proffer that is outrageous. Using a noose during a staged hate crime, conjures up the greatest evil in this country.”

As Smollett left the courthouse the media swarmed him. During the scrum a journalist shoved his beefy elbow into the back of Smollett’s neck, but the singer did not react.

Smollett’s brothers Jocqui Smollett (pictured) and JoJo Smollett left the courthouse about an hour before Smollett was released.

Prior to Smollett posting bond, Lisa Lanier of the State Attorney’s Office read a detailed timeline of Smollett’s hate crime which included how Smollett used the Osundairo brothers to purchase the designer drug Molly. Read the detailed bond proffer here.

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