Cardi B Gets into Heated Argument with Univision Reporter: Watch

Cardi B berated a Univision reporter for putting her father on television. The incident occurred in New York City earlier in the week, VladTV reports.

The Bronx rapper politely declined when Univision reporter Gelena Solano approached her for an interview. “Come on, I’m Dominican too,” Solano told Cardi, who replied, “But do you see how I look?”

“You look beautiful,” Solano told her. But Cardi abruptly ended the interview and walked away.

Then Solano stopped Cardi’s father to ask him a question. Cardi can be heard in the background telling Solano not to put her father on TV.

Cardi’s rant was briefly interrupted by a pedestrian who cursed at her for blocking the sidewalk. “Move out of the way b-tch!” the man said in Spanish.

“I wasn’t even talking to your crazy ass!” Cardi replied in Spanish.

Then she turned her attention back to Solano. “Don’t put my father on TV, because my dad don’t walk around with security, and you don’t know people who’s gonna harm my dad!”

She continued: “Don’t come around me with cameras without me knowing, that’s disrespectful I’m with my child.”

Cardi’s daughter, Kulture, is not seen on camera.

Cardi was still agitated when she addressed the incident on social media after Univision uploaded the video to YouTube on Thursday.

“I’m not going to call her a b—- but I really want to call her a b—-, she got in my dad’s way… That’s when I came out and I started bucking at her because I just told you I don’t want my f—- parents on camera. Why the f—, why the f— are you not listening?”

In unrelated news, the U.S. Trademark office denied Cardi’s application to trademark her phrase “Okurrr”.


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