ALBUM: YoungstaCPT – 3T

YoungstaCPT 3T, With 30 mixtapes and numerous EPs and accolades under his belt, YoungstaCPT is regarded as one of the most important South African emcees of this generation. Today YoungstaCPT is ready to release his 2019 fresh studio album titled ‘3T’ a 22 tracked album with collaboration from Key Faith and more.

He describes his sounds as “Kaapstad”.

“If you have ever been to Cape Town you can listen to any one of my CDs and you will understand me and the place I grew up in,” he said.

“I am like your unofficial tour guide. I am not going to take you to Table Mountain with a cable car, but I will take you via another angle… a side that you have never been to before. I’ll give you the other view and perspective of

Where I am from: To have so much content around you all the time while growing up in Cape Town, as a result my style is different, my tone is different because the slang that we use is different…I don’t sound like any other rapper.”

The album YoungstaCPT 3T is set to drop March 29, 2019 see album tracklist below;

1. Pavement Special

2. VOC (Extended Version)


4. La Familie

5. YVR (Extended Version)

6. Sensitive

7. To Live and Die in CA

8. The Cape of Good Hope

9. Old Kaapie

10. Kleurling

11. (CA) Crazy Arabian

12. 786

13. Tik Generation

14. Pallet Gun

15. 1000 Mistakes

16. For Coloured Girls

17. Mothers Child

18. GHAM

19. Just Be Lekker


21. Powerful

22. Outro

Stream YoungstaCPT 3T Album below;

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