ALBUM: 03 Greedo & DJ Mustard – Still Summer in the Projects

03 Greedo & DJ Mustard Still Summer in the Projects, Greedo & DJ Mustard release a new album nine track album called Still Summer in the Projects. Following his last released single ‘Wasted’ featuring American rapper/song writer YG, the single was recorded during the same period as his previous LP and is executive produced by DJ Mustard. Still Summer in the ProjectsΒ is due onΒ April 12th.

Last July, 03 Greedo was sentenced to 20 years in prison on charges of drug trafficking and unlawful possession of firearms. But his relentless pace in the studio before his incarceration ensures that he can continue to release music while he is behind bars. Still Summer in the Projects, an entire album recorded with the hit-maker Mustard, is due out on March 29th. The first single, β€œWasted,” a nimble, needle-nosed collaboration with YG, will be available on streaming services at midnight.

03 Greedo & Mustard – β€œWasted” (Feat. YG)

Greedo and Mustard have been familiar with each other’s work for a decade, as they both worked to raise their profile in the Los Angeles rap scene. β€œI knew Mustard since like 2009, and we always crossed paths, but we never worked,” the rapper explained in an email. β€œHe blew up as I was in jail [on a previous occasion], but when I got out and I got my shit buzzing, he hit me up. I came to the studio to do one song and then we ended up doing 20 songs in 3 days.”

Alamo plans to fan the flames: Still Summer in the Projects will likely be the first of several new Greedo albums to be released this year. β€œWe have a Hit-Boy album coming up next,” Moscowitz says. β€œWe’ll probably have a follow-up album three months after, and then another three months after that. He’ll probably end up putting out three or four albums and tapes this year, maybe an EP or two as well.”

The album Still Summer in the ProjectsΒ feature’s nine tracks with guest appearances by Killah Priest, J-Dawg, Sosa, and more.



Listen below;

Expected Release: March 29, 2019

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